Photo Friday – Blown Back to Childhood

7 Oct

Blown Back to Childhood

I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. At a tourist resort, this was a peice of bright plastic to the majority of adults walking past; to me, it was a symbol of my childhood.

Long forgotten memories, hidden somewhere in my subconscious, flashed before my eyes when I saw it. I couldn’t remember when, or where, or why; all I could remember was the feeling of absolute joy and bliss I felt as a child at being in possession of a toy windmill. I remember smiling, holding the toy windmill tightly in my hands, and spending hours observing with fascination the rainbow of alternating colours, spinning with the wind.

It was the most beautiful and elegant thing I had ever seen in those first years of life. And, to be honest, I think I love it just as much today.


2 Responses to “Photo Friday – Blown Back to Childhood”

  1. Debby 07/10/2011 at 17:32 #

    When I was a kid, we called them pinwheels and in my album of memories, they’re on the same page as kaleidescopes. You remember those little tubes that you looked into through a little hole and as you turned them slowly around, little pieces of colored glass made the most lovely designs. Childhood was so sweet and so long ago. Thanks for reminding me. Hope your day is a good one.

    • l0ve0utl0ud 08/10/2011 at 10:45 #

      Yes, I used to love kaleidoscopes, too! They could keep me busy for hours! So beautiful and magical. Thank you for reminding me about yet another childhood past time 🙂 Wishing you a lovely day.

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