Photo Friday – Guests and Neighbours

21 Oct

I am once again a bit late in posting the Foto Friday entry. I was distracted by an unexpected visitor, who invited himself over around 10.30 pm.

I was going out of the flat to put a very uncomfortable chair into the basement. I had just about opened the front door when something shot past me into the corridor. It was a stray cat that had somehow got into the building and was roaming around the stairwell! You may remember him from Photo Friday – Autumn is my True Love. On the day that I took his photo, he came towards me and was asking for affection, rubbing up against my leg and rolling on his back so that I could scratch his tummy. Then, a few days ago, I found him locked up in the building’s dark basement! I let him out and he followed me up to my flat. Not knowing where he lived or to whom he belonged, I asked the neighbour, a cat owner, what we should do with him. Apparently he roams around the building and no-one knows whether he has an owner. It is believed that he belongs to a house in the neighbourhood, but it’s not clear why he vagabonds outside and seeks warmth and food in strangers’ homes.

The cat was exploring my flat, sniffing at everything and clearly in search of something to eat. I tried to feed him, by giving him almost everything that I had in the fridge and cupboards, but he only took two bites of tinned fish. He then spent almost ten minutes drinking water from the tap. He wandered about the flat, making himself at home. After a while, I took him outside, hoping that he would run to his real home, but he pressed his nose against the window and curled up by the door. I felt sorry for him – the nights are very cold now – and let him into the building again, hoping that he would just stay in the hall for the night. But, once again, he followed me up the stairs. I kept him away with my foot as I opened the door and went into my flat. But he miaowed on the dark landing and, yes, you’ve got it, I felt sorry for him.

I let him in and he immediately made himself comfortable on a chair, washing his paws and his belly. I spoke to my partner on the phone and we decided that keeping a stray cat in the house, even for a night, isn’t a good idea. If he didn’t like any of the food I proposed, he may be used to cat food, which means he has or has had an owner. Yet he was scratching himself and biting away at his fur/skin, which made me cautious of lice and/or infections.

Cute and calm as he was, I took him outside. Tomorrow I’ll post letters to the neighbouring houses, in hope of finding his owner.

As we’re on the topic of animals, here is another beauty that lives in my building. Sometimes, when his owner is at work, we go for walks and share tales about our native snowy lands.





7 Responses to “Photo Friday – Guests and Neighbours”

  1. LisaaLinh 21/10/2011 at 23:34 #

    Cute Husky!


  2. nrhatch 22/10/2011 at 03:04 #

    That puppy is adorable! Hope you can find the kitty’s owner.

    • l0ve0utl0ud 01/11/2011 at 22:54 #

      Thank you. Still haven’t found out who the owner is, but the kitty doesn’t come into our building any more, which is a good sign!

  3. Ariel Havanah 01/11/2011 at 18:36 #

    The husky is soooooo PRETTY!!!! 😀

    • l0ve0utl0ud 01/11/2011 at 22:50 #

      Yes, it is indeed a beautiful little puppy!

  4. Bites Of Sweet And Spice 23/11/2011 at 07:16 #

    Cute puppy! 🙂

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