Come Over to Mine for Dinner and Dancing

27 May

I’m not sure whether it’s the number 13 in 2013 or the fact that, according to the Mayans, ‘a new era has started’, but this year feels like something strange and special at the same time.

So far, 2013 for me has been defined by changes, surprises and discoveries. And most of these have been emotional and psychological. Changing my priorities or wishes; being surprised by my new perspectives on events or people; discovering new ways of thinking and living.

How to describe my life to you right now? How to sum up the events and feelings? I’m not sure I can, but I will try…

What do you love in your life right now?

I love that my nails match my wine and my city.Red wine nails

I love listening to good music.

I love driving to the mountains and spending time with people who are happy to see me.

I love that I can walk to any part of my city in twenty minutes.

I love having met amazing people in this new (yes, after two years, I still call it new) city.

I love that I have roses, strawberries and tomatoes growing in my garden. I love the fact that…I have a garden! I love that I have a palm tree outside my window – a palm tree?! I still shake my head in disbelief that a little girl who was born into -25c temperatures and was a Snowflake for the Christmas play has grown up into a young woman who has a palm tree in her garden.

What do you miss right now?

I miss my friends and family in my ‘old’ cities. I miss my home city which I only see once a year.

I miss speaking English and having ‘sleepovers’ with my best girl friends.

Dancing, dancing and, did I mention – dancing?

What makes you worry right now?

I am worried about my professional future – I have to find a new job very soon.

I am worried about having to move – to another city or country – again, now that I finally feel settled.

What makes you smile right now?

My boyfriend.

What makes you reconsider your life?

This postcard:

Be Yourself Everybody Else is Already Taken

What makes you sad right now?

The fact that we are going to sell the family house in my birth city. My family built this house fifty years ago and every blade of grass, flower, plant and tree that is in our garden was sowed by my family. I spent my childhood there and it is the place I think of when you say ‘home’.

I think about it at least once a day and burst into tears whenever I realise that very soon ‘home’ will be just a memory.

Who would you love to spend time with?

I would love to:

go for an afternoon walk with Paulo Coelho in the mountains.

write a song and sing with Emile Sande.

dance with Shakira.

have a cat-fight with Beyonce.

chat over a glass over a glass of wine with Jessie J.

What do you feel like doing RIGHT NOW?

Inviting all my friends to my house, having a big feast with delicious food and good wine, and dancing and singing all night.


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