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Photo Friday – Shepherd for Christmas

30 Dec

My Magical Christmas

22 Dec

What will make a magical Christmas:

A meal made together.

Spending the day with those I love, or spending it doing things I love.

Conversation and activity that includes everyone present.

Gifts given with love.

A kind word to those who have brought something positive, however small, into my life.

A prayer.

Candles and silence.

A thought for those with whom I could not celebrate.

Gratitude for each of the gifts I receive.

Joy for this wonderful day that reunites families, giving us an opportunity to give, receive and share, mindfully, consciously, at least once a year.

Merry Russian Christmas!

7 Jan

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the birth of Christ on the night of the 6th/7th January. This is because the Russian Orthodox Church follows the old Julian calendar and not the current Gregorian calendar. This means that all of Russian Orthodox celebrations take place thirteen days after their Roman Catholic counterparts.

I celebrate Christmas on both the 25th December and the 7th January (don’t worry, I only get one round of presents!). I always wonder what wise words could be said on this special occasion, but more importantly I wonder what it is exactly that we are celebrating when we celebrate the birth of Christ.

The answer came to me unexpectedly today, as I started humming a song I hadn’t listened to in a long time. I suddenly realised just how pertinent its message is to the celebration of Christmas.

I wish you all a Merry (Russian) Christmas!