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I Remember the Important Things

15 Sep

sunset rays behind trees

I remember the important things.

Like the words to my favourite songs,

Or the way you smiled the night we met.

I remember the important things.

Like what was written in a letter,

Or the way the sun rays shined through the trees.

I remember the important things.

Like the smell of lavender skin,

Or the billions of stars we fell asleep counting.

I remember the important things.

Like the murmur of August leaves and her sad smile on the last day of summer.

I’ve Missed You, Dear Friend

1 Sep

Dear Reader, dear Friend,

It’s been almost a month since we last met. You’ve had no news from me and I have not had the chance to catch up on yours. I’m sorry for my absence; I’ve truly missed you and can’t wait to hear all about your summer. As for mine, it’s been both healing and inspiring…

I spent a month with the people I love, visiting my old homes and my old countries. I watched sunsets, made meals, picked mushrooms, dug earth, killed weeds, took photos and ate fresh fruit and veg. Tired of intellectual activity, I decided to become more active, to dedicate my time to people, rather than to ideas; to actions, rather than to words. I didn’t keep up with world news, I did not read newspapers or magazines, and I did not check my e-mails. Instead, I tried to be more aware of the small details immediately around me. How do my close ones feel? Is there anything I can do to help? Can I make an extra effort to put a smile onto someone’s tired face? What’s more important – doing something I enjoy, or spending that time bringing joy into my family’s life instead?

The less I paid attention to myself, the more I noticed others. The less I thought about society, the more I understood my family. The less I focused on what is expected of a person of my age, sex, race and social standing, the more I lived by instinct. The less I worried about other’s opinions of me, the more I was honest to myself.

Oh, how much I learnt from all of this! In the past month I tried to observe deeper than the skin, I tried to hear further than words, I tried to understand larger than actions. In the past month I wanted to connect not with the name, not with the image, not with the reputation, not with the status, not with the job title, not with the salary, not with the clothes label, not with the CV, not with the awards, not with the face…but with the soul.

I observed things differently and tried to see beyond the surface. I reached into each person and tried to understand them for the eternal being that they are. And when I did this, when I connected with each person’s soul, I found only one thing: love.

I remember reading somewhere that “Only love is real”. At the time, I believed this idea; now, I understand it.

This is not something that can be explained and it is definitely not a concept I could begin to try convey in words. As a teenager, I thought that my wisdom could come from text books, as a young adult, I thought that I would learn it through philosophers; now, I understand that the world’s most important lessons comes from life itself. If you haven’t yet seen, through the swaying of trees, through the laughter of a child or through the deep eyes of a passer by, that only love is real, don’t waste your nights reading philosophy books, just go out there and live: talk to everyone openly and honestly, give time and effort to your close ones, notice the small things that people do for you, see the positive side to every person and situation, and most importantly: love love love.

I’m quite stuck on what to say to you next, dear friend. I want to tell you so much. If you were here in front of me, sharing a glass of wine on my balcony, I would be waving my arms manically, talking so fast that my tongue couldn’t keep up and telling you…telling you everything right from the beginning. I’d have to go years back, to tell you about why I worried, why I was doubtful, why I was shy and insecure, why I was full of hate and frustration, why I lost hope, why and how I started believing again, why I started forgiving, why I began apologising, why I let go, and why I suddenly understood. But now, with not much space, I need to get to the essentials: everything passes, but only love remains.

Oh how I wish you were here with me, dear friend, so that we could take a walk in the park by my house. We would look at the soft sunlight radiating through the golden trees and you would tell me what is on your heart. I would be filled with peace and joy to realise that we understand one another; that two people, with different lives and different experiences, see something similar in all this worldly chaos. I would thank God for showing me that there are other people who see what I see, feel what I feel and believe what I believe. You are miles away, dear friend, but I am still grateful; grateful that you are honest, grateful that you share your soul with me and grateful that you are here, on this earth, at the same time as I am.

I am sorry for having been away so long. I hope that my letter wasn’t too much of a muddle. There are so many other things that I would like to share with you; so many ideas, feelings and, when words aren’t enough, images. I look forward to our weekly meetings; though you may be miles away, you mean a lot to me. Your words resonate in my mind and your visions change my own perception of the world. I understand that you too need ‘time off’, and although your temporary absence may sadden me, I only wish that you never stop writing, never stop sharing. There would be a whole in many people’s hearts if you do.

Speak very soon, my friend.

All my love,


Through All That Happens

6 Feb

“As you unfold as an artist, just keep on, quietly and earnestly, growing through all that happens to you. You cannot disrupt this process more violently than by looking outside yourself for answers that may only be found by attending to your innermost feeling.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Paris, February 17, 1903
Letters to a Young Poet