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6AM Writing Challenge – Week One

7 Nov

“It is cold, dark and pouring down with rain. It is a Bank Holiday and I am the ONLY ONE awake in the neighbourhood. There isn’t even one light on in all the seven high-rise blocks that I can see from the window!”
~ note on the second day of the 6AM Writing Challenge

Writer Book Windowsill Window

It has been one week since I started the 6AM Writing Challenge, in which, as the title suggests, I wake up at 6AM to write before starting the day. Have I actually managed to wake up at 6AM during this first week? And, if yes, have I actually managed to write upon waking? Let me tell you all…

So long, snooze: Yes, I have actually managed to wake up at 6AM every day! Although I do wake up groaning and wishing I could press the snooze button just one more time…I believe I don’t wake up in a very good mood, either, but luckily, I can take it all out on the paper.

Nothing Too much to say: My aim for the 6AM Writing Challenge was to do one hour of writing. However, I was anxious that one hour would be too long – what would I write about for so long so early in the morning? By the second day, it turned out that I actually needed more than an hour! On the week-end, I ended up writing for three hours.

Poet by night, rambler by morning: When I was doing the 120-day “Do What You Love” Challenge, I wrote for fifteen minutes before going to bed, and usually wrote poems or short stories. In the first week of the 6AM Writing Challenge, on the other hand, I have been writing articles, blog posts or streams of consciousness in Morning Pages-style. I quite miss the poetry, actually…

Finding the time: On the topic of poetry – on one of the first days of the 6AM Writing Challenge, I sorted out all of my poems, making a special file for the poems that I would like to enter into competitions. I have wanted to do this for months, but “never had the time”.

Picking priorities: It feels great to start the day by doing what I love; by the time I leave the house for work, I feel like I have already fulfilled the day’s purpose. I now also have the whole evening free to relax and spend time with my partner, whereas before I had to pick between the two things I love most: my loved one and writing!

Double Espresso and two sugars, please: On the first two days of the 6AM Writing Challenge I got an energy slump by mid-day and had to take a nap in the afternoon! My body wasn’t used to waking up earlier than the sun! A week later, my body seems to be getting used to the extra few hours in my day, although I’ve thrown my “I-only-drink-coffee-on-special-occasions” motto out of the window.

So, although it’s not easy to wake up at 6AM to write, the first week of the 6AM Writing Challenge has been a pleasant surprise, bringing about many positive and unexpected things. I look forward to discovering the second week!

The 6AM Writing Challenge

1 Nov

Today, I wake up earlier than the neighbours, earlier than the sun and even earlier than the birds. It’s dark outside and cold inside, but I’m smiling. This is the first day of my 6AM Writing Challenge and so far I am doing well.

November is known by aspiring writers as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), in which writers can take part in a challenge to write a novel (50, 000 words) in one month. I had thought about taking part in NaNoWriMo, but decided against it. My main reasons for taking part would have been to develop a daily writing practice and to prove to myself that I can write a whole novel in a month if I put my mind to it. However, I already developed a daily writing practice with the help of the 120 day “Do What You Love” Challenge, and my main ideas for a novel require a lot of research and planning: it would be a waste of time to start without the necessary information, and a shame to rush through something that requires more attention.

Although I decided not to participate in NaNoWriMo, I still felt that I needed a writing challenge for November, and what I needed the most was time to write. Up until now, I would write for fifteen minutes right at the end of the day, and would not set aside quality time for writing, even though my schedule allows for a couple of hours of ‘free time’.  I therefore decided to make use of these hours for writing, but the only way of fitting in these hours into the day was by…waking up earlier.

So here I am, scribbling away as the neighbourhood and nature sleep. For the whole month of November I will be waking up at 6AM to do one hour of writing before starting the day. The 6AM Writing Challenge won’t be easy (I love sleeping!), but it is the only way for me to fit writing into my day.

Whichever creative challenge you are participating in this month – be it NaNoWriMo or your own personal challenge – I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to finding out how you are getting on!