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Photo Friday – Secret Streets

2 Dec

Secret Streets

Photo Friday – Autumn is my True Love

14 Oct

Autumn Is My True Love






Ducks swimming on lake


View From a Field

20 Apr

On sunny days, I love lying in long grass, looking up at the sky and seeing things from a different angle.




Spring is Here!

21 Mar

Spring is in full bloom in my new town (and new country). I am feeling a little disorientated, seeing as I’m used to spring arriving at least a month later. Spring is quite possibly my favourite season, so I am loving the extra month in which I get to enjoy the smell of blooming flowers, the sounds of nesting birds and and the warmth of the approaching summer sun.

These days, I don’t leave the house without my camera; the flora here changes almost daily and I love capturing each stage of nature’s reawakening. Here are a few snaps of spring in my area.

I Love Sunsets

22 Feb

I have always loved sunsets, and have been very lucky to have had my windows facing West in my past three apartments. It is always a pleasure for me to end my working day by looking out at the setting sun. Here are a few photos of the sunsets I have seen from my window.