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Keep Your Love Afloat

14 Feb

On Valentine’s Day, I would like to share with you the most beautiful metaphor of a relationship that I have heard, with all quote credits going to my partner:

“We are a team. We are not two people rowing down one river side by side in separate boats; we are in one boat. And we have to work together to keep the boat afloat. We have to communicate clearly and regularly to give each other advice and instructions, we have to understand and accept the other’s weaknesses and work with them, we both have to make a little more effort in turbulent parts of the river, and we have to offer help when the other is struggling.
Only continual effort from both sides will create the balance and movement to keep our boat afloat.”

I wish you all a calm and beautiful ride down the river in your boats with your loved ones. If you do not yet have a rowing partner, I hope you find one with whom the journey will be peaceful and the scenery will be breathtaking.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Friday – Lazing on a Winter Afternoon

20 Jan

Lazing on a Winter Afternoon

What I Love

6 Jan

There is an uncountable amount of things we love in life, yet we don’t even realise it!

Seeing as I am writing a blog about love, I sat down and made a list of all the things I love. The list took me half an hour to write and is almost two and a half pages long. Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many things that inspire me and bring me joy! It’s funny how we don’t even realise just how much something means to us until we sit down and make a list of it.

But, as proven, even making lists has its own beauty: it has opened my eyes to the things that I treasure in life…and the fact that my current life hardly encompasses any of these things at all. Time to get out there and start experiencing the things I love!

I L♥VE….

the sea

soft warm sand

piano music …. Ludovico Einaudi


all things natural


making people laugh


sunsets behind the field

white nights

spending an afternoon in the park reading

playing hide and seek in long grass

growing my own food

wild flowers

hidden streams

listening to live music



people with a passion

when someone’s eyes glow as they talk about something they love


performing on stage

making collages




the smell of sun on my skin, the smell of clothes that have dried in the sun

raspberry jam




walking barefoot on the earth

long walks

receiving and sending handwritten letters

bikes with baskets


being very silly

drawing colourful pictures with fat felt tip pens

my pillow

physical contact

the smell of freshly cut grass

the smell of rain on a summer’s day


waking up early, when the sun is rising and everything is quiet all around

cheesecake, carrot cake



small independent book shops

milky, sweet coffee in the morning


huge pine tress

secret lakes

balconies and French windows

rye bread with butter



the echo of footsteps in a museum

feeling in the flow