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Twice as Blessed

18 Jul

In the past few months I have been extremely blessed to have received a whole 3 different blog awards!

Thank you to Patricia for the 7×7 Link Award, and I apologise for not having had the time to write about it earlier! As part of the award, I am sharing links to 7 blog posts that I most enjoyed reading recently:

1. A Solution to the World’s Energy Crisis by The Power of Slow

2. The Only Thing We Can Do by Rewriting Life

3. Why Believing in Yourself is More Important (and Less Cheesy) Than You Think by Courage 2 Create

4. Fresh Quotes: JULY (Truth) by My Life in Colour

5. We Have Decided to Stay by The Bloom Studio

6. A Woman of Strength by Petals and Pearls

7. Taking a Cue from Mother Nature by Bennis Inc


Thank you to Jennifer for the Inspiring Blog Award!

I nominate the following 5 blogs for the award:

1. The Power of Slow ~ Slow Down to Live it Up

2. Shining Soul Yoga ~ All Things Yoga, Wellness, Food and Fun

3. Courage 2 Create – This is the story of me writing my first novel… and how life keeps getting in the way

4. Based on a True Story – Changing the World One Smile at a Time

5. Lady Fi – It’s Not What You Look at That Matters, It’s What You See

I am extremely grateful for these truly special awards and I feel blessed to be able to share my blog with you.

♥ Love ♥

My Magical Christmas

22 Dec

What will make a magical Christmas:

A meal made together.

Spending the day with those I love, or spending it doing things I love.

Conversation and activity that includes everyone present.

Gifts given with love.

A kind word to those who have brought something positive, however small, into my life.

A prayer.

Candles and silence.

A thought for those with whom I could not celebrate.

Gratitude for each of the gifts I receive.

Joy for this wonderful day that reunites families, giving us an opportunity to give, receive and share, mindfully, consciously, at least once a year.

Good is Good Enough

17 Dec

We are all, to some extent, scared of failure. But what is the worst that can happen if we fail? And do we actually exaggerate what we call ‘failure’ and what we call ‘success’?

Today I made a cake for my creative writing group. It was the first time that I’d tried the recipe and, when the cake was baked, it tasted slightly….funny. I wondered whether I should even take it to the class: “I’d be so embarrassed if my class-mates don’t like it”, I thought to myself.

Encouraged by my partner, I took my funny cake into the class despite my fears. Throughout the lesson I imagined my classmates screwing up their faces as they put the first spoonful into their mouths. I concentrated fiercely on the writing in front of me once everyone had a little slice on a plastic plate and were chewing the first pieces of prunes and oats and coconut.

“It’s a really nice cake!” my teacher said suddenly.

“Really good!” echoed my classmate, with a mouthful between her cheeks.

“Mm, I really like it”, replied someone else.

“Very original”, piped in a third person.

I was flattered by the compliments, but knew that they could have simply been polite comments. So I couldn’t believe it when my classmates asked enthusiastically for a second serving. It turned out that this funny failed cake was actually a success!

Despite having baked the cake with love and the positive thought of sharing something with people that I treasure, I was afraid that the cake would not be ‘good enough’. I was afraid that my classmates would forever remember me as an awful cook, and I preferred not to take the risk by not sharing the cake at all.

My cake wasn’t perfect, but it was good, and it brought a lot of joy and pleasure to the people with whom I shared it…and to me, too. Had I left it at home, as I had wanted to, I would have been judging my creation through my own critical eyes without even giving myself the chance to share it with others. I would have never found out that the cake was actually not that bad, and I would have been miserable for thinking that I made something rubbish.

And what if the cake had really been a failure? What is the worst that could have happened? My classmates would have finished their slices politely and left the class forgetting all about it. Not so dramatic now, is it? Not quite the end of the world that I imagined.

We often exaggerate what we call failure and what we call success. We often expect our work and our creations to be perfect, considering them failures if they are not. But ‘good’ is a success, too.

If we try our best and put our heart into something, can we even fail?

Go on, share that burnt biscuit or that unfinished poem with a friend. I assure you – they will be the happier for it.

Happiness Project – Week II

17 Nov

Two weeks ago I realised that I was unhappy. I started a Happiness Project with a list of activities to introduce into my everyday life in order to bring positivity back into my life.

Here are my thoughts on Week II of the Happiness Project:

1) It makes me happy to have a day with a range of activities. It is most satisfying to have had a day with both mental, physical and creative activities.

2) There is not enough time in the week to do all of the things I’d like to do. But even doing one or two of these things brings joy and fulfilment.

3) Unexpected activities can bring more happiness than planned ‘happiness’ activities. I guess we can never plan out a happy day/week/life

4) Doing things for and with others brings me happiness. I often read in magazines and self-development books that we should ‘do something for ourselves’ to feel happier, but events in the past week seem to show the contrary.

5) My Happiness Project is really shedding light onto things that are very important, important, not important and unrelated to my happiness. Trying to implement my happiness resolutions into my everyday life shows whether or not doing certain things actually makes any difference to how I feel.

6) Some of my reasons for being unhappy are stupid. Yes, I admit it. But they are also things we have been made to believe by adverts and society. They are thoughts in the mind, yet how to get rid of them? First step – acceptance.

7) Things such as the passing of time, change and the future have been causing anxiousness in me for the first time in ten months. My thoughts about these things are usually full of doubt and worry. This leads to a state of nervousness and stress. Question to ask myself: why am I scared of these things?

jumping happiness8 ) Doing nothing and having too much free time brings unhappiness. I have noticed this both in myself and in others. The people who say that they did ‘absolutely nothing’ on their day off are the ones with the least energy and positivity. The people with activities and hobbies keep their body and minds active, avoiding laziness, apathy and over thinking. The latter group have no time to worry about the future because they are constantly living in and enjoying the present.

9) We can if we want to, but a lot of times we just can’t be bothered/are scared/give excuses/settle for the easy option/take the safe path/don’t believe/don’t want to fail…the list can go on. This week, we managed to get tickets for a fully-booked concert through research, phone calls and negotiation. At the beginning of the week, our attitude was “It’s fully-booked, why bother wasting time if we won’t get the tickets, anyway?”. It seems like there is always a solution!

10) Our happiness is not the most important thing on earth, contrary to modern popular thought. Our happiness should not be more important than respect towards others, helping, gratitude, thoughtfulness, care, effort, amongst many others. We cannot let our mood affect our relationships and our communication with others. I met people this week who were homeless and unemployed, yet they smiled, said please and thank you with genuine emotions, and wished everyone an excellent day. This taught me a lesson about taking out my bad mood on my close ones.


Aims for Week III:

-Give more energy to doing and sharing things with the people close to me.

-Remind myself of all that I am grateful to have.

-Go rollerblading.