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A Room of One’s Own

26 Oct

a room for writing

Change of Perspective

19 Jan

“I’ve never seen this before”, I thought to myself as I looked out of my kitchen window. For the first time in a year I saw a group of tall trees, flexible like ballerinas, swaying their fragile limbs to the rhythm of the wind. In the morning sun their leaves were shaking with excitement and drops of dew were shimmering in the soft light.

A deep sense of peace came over me as I watched them wave their branches playfully to the skies.

“Why have I not noticed them before?” I asked myself, surprised and disappointed.

The answer was simple enough – I had never looked out of the window from this angle. For the first time in a year, I decided to lean on the kitchen cupboard while drinking my coffee, putting me at a diagonal to the window and changing the view that I was used to seeing.

A small change of perspective and everything looked different – even the things that I have looked at several thousands of times before now took on a different meaning.

Can a change in perspective change the view from your window?

Photo Friday

9 Sep

It’s been quite a few months that my pen and notebook have had a new member join their handbag crew. Exilim now travels with them on almost every journey, capturing in image what I cannot seize in words.

With my love for photography catching up with my love for writing, I decided to dedicate a little space on Love Out Loud to this new passion.

Every Friday I will share with you a photo of the moments that flash by in my corner of the world.

Through My Kitchen Window